The World’s Best Destinations for Hunting

Every true fan of hunting enjoyed the time spent in nature and in the hunt for his trophy. Each hunting trip is a new adventure. If you want to expand your horizons and hunting experience, then going on a hunting tour is right for you. Here are some of the world’s best destinations for hunting.

Pripyat river in Belarus is a place where you can try hunting on European bison, which live in the northern part of Belarus, around the river Pripyat. Hunting this animal is part of the national tradition. Besides hunting of bison, you can enjoy hunting deer, moose or wolves. Belarus has very rich wild nature and forests, and real hunters will have a lot of reasons to enjoy. Hunting for bison and moose is a part of the winter hunting season. Bison is hunted from October till March and moose from September to December. Hunting Roe Deer and Wild boar take half year – from May to

Canada is a big country, rich in natural open spaces and places for hunting. If you duck hunting, then the best destination for you is Alberta, especially in September and October, when it is the peak of the duck hunting season. Canada also offers a hunting for moose and grouse, and northern parts of the country can provide you with an unforgettable adventure in the hunt for Seal, Arctic Fox and the Beluga Whale.

Namibia. Want something more exotic? Then you need to visit Namibia. Of course, you need to bring your hunting weapons and other equipment. Good rangefinders such as those offered at the Best of optics there will really be necessary. In the hunt for lion, elephant, leopards, it may be better to observe from a distance and to assess the situation in order not to become prey. Here you can hunt zebras, warthog, eland, hippopotamus, crocodile, giraffes.

Argentina is a great destination for lovers of bird hunting. In the vicinity of Cordoba live about 50 million doves. However, it is not all that Argentina has to offer. It has a really diverse wildlife and bird hunting is just part of the offer. In Argentina, besides birds, you can hunt the stag, puma, water buffalo.

New Zealand is known for its unusual animal and plant species that live there. This is a thinly populated piece of Earth that is rich in natural beauty. Maybe it’s a far destination, but for those people looking for adventure and good hunting, definitely worth mentioning. In New Zealand, you can hunt the red stag, sambar deer, rusa deer, sika deer, wapiti, chamois, fallow deer, whitetail.

Great destinations for hunting can be found in all parts of the world and on all continents. Each region has its own peculiarities, from the looks of the ground to the abundance of the animal world that can be hunted. Love of nature and can be a great motive to get to know all these destinations, so bring some food and step into some of these adventures.