The Greatest Destinations For Fishing Enthusiasts

If you are planning on going on a dream trip and taking your fishing gear with you, here are some destinations that might interest you.

Australia, Lizard Island
All through September and October this place is the ideal fishing destination for those looking to catch a Black Merlin. Some weighing 1,000 pounds or more are caught here. So, your chances of catching a “grander” are better here than anywhere else in the world. Also, the place is ideal for light-tackle fishing and you will be able to catch a lot of different species in just one day.

Russia, Umba River
Umba River is great for those who are looking for a fishing challenge. It is like a small palace in the wilderness, and a great spot for catching the fattest Atlantic salmon. There are no fancy jet boots that can ferry you up and down the river so prepare for a long and healthy walk.

Chesapeake Bay
In this area, you will be able to find over 300 species, such as bluefish, drum, rockfish, flounder, spot, croaker or maybe even an American eel. This estuary, that’s lying in the Atlantic Ocean, is a great spot for saltwater fishing, but also a great opportunity for you to try out your new spinning reel. Here it is not possible to fish without it, which is why you will see everyone using it.

Amazon basin, Brazil
If you head to Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonia you can join one of the tours that offer piranha fishing. Besides piranha, there are other species, like redtail catfish and peacock bass. This place is highly recommended if you’re looking for an adventurous fishing trip.

Vietnam, Halong Bay
A bamboo rod, a fishing net and a lamp are all the equipment you are going to need to attract squid to the surface. In just a couple of hours, you can hook more than 30. The best time to visit Vietnam’s Halong Bay is between October and November.

Ireland, Lough Corrib
Ireland is well-known as a fishing paradise. This is mostly because of its countless saltwater and freshwater spots. Lough Corrib is a lake near Galway City which is well-known for wild brown trout. In the village Connemara, which is situated near the lake, there is a special holiday called Mayfly week. May is the best month for fishing the Corrib trout and the village takes on a festive atmosphere during this holiday.

Brainerd, USA
The central Minnesota town of Brainerd is just the right place for ice fishing enthusiasts. The annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza, held each January, is the largest festival for ice fishing in the world and it attracts more than 12, 000 people every year.

Bimini, Bahamas
The Bimini islands are small and offer an ideal tropical fishing destination, located just 50 miles west of Miami. The deep blue sea is home to a lot of species, including big black grouper, yellowtail and mutton snapper. Legendary Ernst Hemingway went there often to draw inspiration for his books, which could be a reason for you to visit this amazing spot.