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Spain offers a mosaic of pet friendly holidays and opportunities, making it an ideal destination for travelers wishing to explore with their dogs. From the lush greenery of the north to the historic landmarks of the south, Spain is not only rich in diverse landscapes but also in culture and history, all while welcoming pets.

It is a long ole’ drive from England to Spain, so you might want to make a 2 or 3 week trip of it, stopping at dog friendly villas in France along the way.

Explore Barcelona with our pet
Explore Barcelona with our pet

Planning Your Journey

Preparing for a Car Trip from England
Before setting off, ensure your vehicle is in good condition, and your pet is comfortable with long drives. You should pack essentials including water, food, a leash, and any medications. You’ll also need your Animal Health Certificate to visit Europe now, after Brexit.

Routes to Spain

Channel Crossing Options
Choose between the Eurotunnel and ferries for the quickest and most convenient route to France, from where you can drive to Spain. Eurotunnel is a faster crossing (only 35 minutes, rather than 1.5 hours on ferrry) and more convenient with more frequent crossings, but is now usually more expensive than taking a ferry. However, if you’re like me and love being on the sea rather than under it, once in a while you might like to take the ferry.

Entry Requirements for Dogs

Pet Passport and Vaccinations
Your dog will need up-to-date vaccinations, and in some cases, a tapeworm treatment before entering Spain. Now that we are past the delights of Brexit (who would have through that might make travelling to Europe more difficult!) you need either a pet passport, or an Animal Health Certificate (AHC). Chances are, the latter. To get a pet passport, you need to either live or have an address in Spain. Unfortunately, the cost of an AHC is about £200 per dog per trip, but travelling on a pet passport is free – you just have to get a vet to stamp the passport before you return back to the UK.

Valencia on your pet friendly holidays

Driving in Spain

Rules and Regulations
Spanish driving laws can be different from those in the UK, so familiarize yourself with them to ensure a safe journey. Primarily, drive on the right. Otherwise, most things are the same. Just drive carefully, and if in doubt, assume you’ve got it wrong.

Overview of Spanish Regions

Spain’s diverse regions each offer unique experiences that can be enjoyed with your pet.

Northern Spain

Cantabria, Basque Country, Asturias
These regions are known for their rugged coastlines and mountains, perfect for adventurous dogs and owners. The logn dog walks here are fantastic.

Central Spain

Madrid, Castile and Leon
Explore the heart of Spain with its rich history and welcoming attitude towards pets in public spaces. The is where the capital is and some seriously rich history. As with most capitlal cities, having a dog can be a bit of a bind, so do a quick Google search for most places your going to visit to check that they are dog friendly.

Enjoy the sun with your dog

Eastern Spain

Catalonia, Valencia
These areas offer a blend of urban experiences and beachside relaxation where pets are often welcome. Dog friendly beaches are fantastic – just be midful and respectful for other people on the beach that your dog doesnt annoy them.

Southern Spain

Andalusia, Murcia
Known for its historical sites and warm climate, southern Spain provides a cultural feast for travelers and their pets. You will undoubtedly meet a lot of Brits here as there are many expats. Dont let that put you off 😉

The air is friendly and the amenities are good.

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Each Region

From off-leash parks to pet-friendly beaches, Spain is full of places to explore with your dog. The mountains are stunning to go for long dog walks – just make sure you check the weather before you visit, because it can be blisteringly hot.

Mountain dog walks

Accommodation Options

Types of Pet-Friendly Stays
Choose from hotels, villas, and apartments that cater to pet owners. Your best option by far is a dog friendly villa with private pool, but obviously these will be more expensive. Staying in a hotel with a dog can be very restrictive. Better to have your own enclosed garden at your own villa. And a nice hot tub to relax into.

Eating Out with Your Dog

Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes
Many eateries in Spain welcome dogs, offering water bowls and sometimes even a dog menu. Some have a chain attached to the external wall, so you can more completely relax while eating.

Local Laws and Etiquette

Understanding local pet-related laws can help avoid any inconveniences and make your trip smoother. If in doubt, keep pooch on a lead. When near livestock (sheep, cattle, pigs) keep your dog on a lead. If you’re in the middle of nowhere or on a beach with few peolpe, let doggo off lead for a good run.

Activities to Enjoy

Dog-Friendly Activities and Sights
So, participate in activities such as hiking, beach outings, and visiting pet-friendly attractions. What do dogs love most? Space and freedom. Forests, land and lakes. And maybe something smelly!

Preparing for Different Climates

Adapting to Spanish Weather
Prepare for Spain’s regional climates to keep your pet comfortable throughout your trip.

Touring Spain with dog


  1. How do I obtain a pet passport?
    Tricky unless you have an address to register yoru dog to. THe first time you go, you’ll need an AHC. If you can get a local vet to register you to an address in Spain, maybe a friend’s address, then you might be able to get a pet passport, which makes your next trip a lot cheaper!
  2. What are the leash laws in Spain?
    If in doubt, use a lead. Around livestock, use a lead.
  3. Can I bring my dog to Spanish beaches?
    Yes, just check for each individual beach.
  4. Are there pet-friendly public transport options in Spain?
    Yes, taxi is your best best, after having your own car.
  5. What should I do in case of a pet emergency in Spain?
    You should have previousy checked where your nearest vet is, so you already know where to go.
  6. How do I find vet services while traveling?
    Use Google to find yoru local dog friendly pet services – also know as a vet!


Traveling through Spain with your dog can be an enriching experience for both pet and owner. With the right preparation and knowledge of what each region offers, your pet friendly holidays can create lasting memories on your Spanish adventure. Find out more for dog friendly villas in Span and France



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