Pack a Serger for Your Next Trip

The importance of bringing enough clothes when traveling far from home is already apparent to most regular travelers, but what happens when those clothes get damaged during a trip or vacation? Many people simply replace them, using money which could have gone for something fun and enjoyable when they don’t really need to. Though it may seem somewhat bulky, packing a serger or other type of sewing machine for your next major trip can help prevent you from wasting money on torn socks, shirts and other clothing items by allowing you to mend them rather than replace them.

Now I know what you’re thinking – it sounds unwieldy and I already mentioned that above. But many sergers are fairly compact and we aren’t talking about the sewing machines of old, which would fold right into a table when not in use. The machines of today are smaller and more portable than ever before, making them much easier to pack and take with you than you might think. Just look at this machine right here. It’s not too big and it’s powerful enough to give you the performance you’re looking for when trying to stitch up torn clothes. There are others too, but this one was on the top of my head.

The important thing is to find a machine which suits your preferences. Does it do the things you want it to do? That’s what owning a sewing machine comes down to in the end, and that’s what will help you to decide whether you should pack it up when you head on a trip far from home or just leave it there until you get back. Websites like SERGER PRO can help you find your perfect machine. I already mentioned as well how expensive it can be to replace clothes, especially if you’re stuck in one of the world’s many tourist traps, but getting them mended by a professional seamstress or clothier could cost you even more.

Naturally, you might consider simply packing cheaper clothing when going on a vacation to avoid all of this in the first place. This is actually advisable in many cases, but if you’re on a trip for business rather than pleasure, you probably can’t afford to not look your absolute best. If you’ll just be goofing off or spending time sprawled out on a beach somewhere, it probably doesn’t matter if you end up ripping a shirt or a set of shorts. But if that’s not the case, then you probably already understand why having a sewing machine with you could be advantageous.

As an alternative to packing a machine, you could just bring along some thread and a few needles. Naturally this setup would be lighter and easier to move around, but an odd spool and needle are pretty easy to lose. You might also have a hard time bringing them onto a plane, if you were planning on flying. In the end, do whatever works best for you and remember your vacation is (probably) supposed to be fun in the first place, so enjoy it!