How to grow exotic plants at home and create a Paradise

Today everybody loves to maintain a garden and likes to nurture their nursery. It depends solely on your interest that how much money would you like to spend in these plants. Those who love nature and like to see it as a part of their daily life, maintains their own plants’ paradise. They collect and grow some exotic plants famous all over the world. This does not mean that only you have some unique exotic plants. It is possible that for a Britain resident a plant may be exotic but the same plant may be just normal for some other countryman.

You might be wondering that what puts these plants in exotic category. Unique growing environment and their very limited availability makes these plants so exotic. Plants like Bamboo, Orchids and Air plants are considered to be exotic on many top lists.

With the advancement in science and technology, it is now possible to create these unusual environment conditions to help these exotic plants to grow in your own backyard. People who love these exotic species and want them to ornate their houses can achieve this difficult task by some hard work. They enjoy the challenges to grow exotic plants in their own home and make a paradise out of them. You just need to get seeds of those plants and get some of the best led grow lights to help you keep the best possible environment.

There are many key factors involved in making these exotic plants a part of your paradise.


One of the important factors in growing of these exotic plants is the role of light. Some plants require lot of light whereas some require very less. Before growing any seed you should have prior knowledge about the climatic conditions these plants require. Some tropical exotic plants do very well in shade however some need maximum sunlight. Temperature acts as a regulating factor in the growth of any exotic plant.


You should grow these costly and exotic plants with very care. Treat them like their own babies, only then they will sparkle like a star in your paradise’s collection. Some plants need well drained soil so they require different kind of pots. Always remember to choose correct type of soil that can hold water. If the top soil goes dry before the pot is full of water then check for the runoff from the bottom hole of the pot. Make sure to use only china pots because clay and wooden pots dry the water at fast rate.

Along with proper soil free from any contamination, use good quality fertilizers to support the proper growth of these plants. These plants will help you in making your own paradise in your backyard.

photo credit:  sally anderson