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The South of France is a mosaic of picturesque landscapes, historic villages, and vibrant coastal towns. This makes it an idyllic setting for a family holiday. Its especially so when your four-legged family members can join in the fun for your memory packed dog friendly villas in south of France. The region boasts an array of dog-friendly villas that cater to pet owners who don’t want to leave their furry friends behind.

Why Southern France?

Benefits of a Dog-Friendly Holiday
Southern France offers huge outdoor spaces for dogs to explore, from the lush, rolling hills of Dordogne to the serene riversides of Lot-et-Garonne. Plus the sunny beaches of the South Coast. This gives the perfect backdrop for a holiday with your dog, where the whole family can relax and rejuvenate.

dog friendly villas south of france
Stunning views in south of France

Understanding the Regions

Known for its prehistoric caves, castles, and dense forests, Dordogne offers numerous walking trails that are perfect for adventurous dogs and their owners. At Lascaux you can explore cave paintings. At Padirac you can take a gondola on an underground river to view the caves.

La Roque Dordogne for long dog walks

This region is filled with orchards and vineyards. There’s quiet paths along the rivers Lot and Garonne—ideal for leisurely walks with your pet. The French wine made is is delicious.

South Coast
From the glamorous French Riviera to the rustic charm of Languedoc, the South Coast is lined with many dog-friendly beaches and promenades, providing ample fun in the sun for your pooch. Expect to feel like you’ve burnt a hole in your wallet. Things are very expensive on the south coast. Beautiful, but pricey.

What Makes Southern France Great for Dogs

Natural Beauty and Accessibility
Each region in Southern France has unique landscapes and climates, making them suitable for different types of outdoor activities with dogs, from swimming in the sea to hiking in the hills. The mountains are stunning and give your dog a chance to run.

Most places are dog friendly. So you can take your pet with you.

Mountain dog friendly holidays in France
Dog friendly holidays in France

Top Dog-Friendly Villas

Explore a selection of villas that offer not just accommodation but a welcome safe space for pets, with features like enclosed gardens, pet beds, and direct access to outdoor trails.

So think about how your dog will feel on holiday. Can you bring their own bed from home? They’ll love the continuity.

Family Holiday Considerations

Activities, Safety, and Accommodation
When planning a family holiday with a dog, think about where is the local vet, the safety of outdoor areas, and the availability of pet-friendly activities that can engage all family members. Are there forest to run and rummage in?

Getting an Animal Health Certificate

Step-by-Step Process for Travelers
Before traveling to France with your dog, you’ll need to obtain an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) from your vet. This document is essential for proving that your pet is vaccinated and fit to travel across borders. You will not be allowed to travel from England without it. The AHC is expensive too.

Activities to Enjoy

Outdoor and Cultural Experiences
Southern France is not only great for outdoor activities but also rich in culture. Visit historical sites and enjoy local festivals—many of which are welcoming to dogs. So long as you keep your dog on a lead in town, you’ll be fine in most places.

Mountain dog walks

Eating Out with Your Pet

Dog-Friendly Dining Options
Many restaurants and cafes in Southern France cater to pet owners, offering outdoor seating where dogs are welcome and sometimes even providing a special menu for dogs. Some pubs, bars and restaurants also have a wall attachment so you can clip your dog on a lead to the wall to keep them safe.

French cuisine
French cuisine

Local Laws and Etiquette

Knowing the Dos and Don’ts
Check the local laws regarding pets, such as lead laws and restrictions on beaches during peak seasons. Just be sensitive to not upsetting other people on their holidays and you should be OK.

Tarn in France

Preparing for the Trip

Travel Tips and Packing List
Prepare a checklist that includes all the essentials for your dog, from food and water bowls to toys and a first-aid kit, ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone involved. Stop every couple of hours in the car, for bathroom breaks for everyone. Keep your dog on a lead when you do this.

Consider bringing your dog’s bed from home so they have the comfortable smells.


Choosing Southern France, rather than Wales or Spain, for your next family dog friendly holiday means embracing a leisurely pace of life. Both you and your dog can explore new sights and experiences. With its welcoming atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, Southern France is sure to provide lasting memories for your family.

Waterfall with dog friendly villas



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