Travel Destinations for Every Music LoverMusic adds color to our lives. It can inspire our mood to better heights and uplifts us when we’re down. Without music, life is dull. And it’s not surprising why many people fall in love with music. From indie concerts to music halls, thriving underground club to a multi-day festivals, there are different music venue that will cater to your ear’s preference. Music is wide and varied – hip-hop, rock, jazz, R&B, country, classical and much more. While everyone may have unique musical taste, here are some tourist meccas for every music lover:

  1. Boston, MA

The music scene in Boston is eclectic, rich and dynamic. From hip hop to electronica artists to metal bands to rock, Boston’s live music scene is a must see. It’s not entirely surprising to know that it’s the birthplace of rock icon – Aerosmith.

  1. Seattle, WA

Considered the home of grunge music, Seattle’s music scene is worth visiting. If you happen to be in the city, be sure to check the permanent exhibit devoted to Nirvana found at the EMP Museum. It also features exhibits of rock idol Jim Hendrix as well as the evolution of music videos. The city has a number of live music venues catering different musical genres. You may also chance upon classic musicians on streets. I’ve seen a violinist playing his violin (much like those reviewed at when I once visited Seattle.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Musicians from around the world all converge at the Prague International Music Festival. For music lovers, the city is the place to be in during the musical festival. Performances from both indie artists and big musical performers are showcased throughout this event.

  1. Graceland, Memphis, TN

If you’re an avid rock n’ roll fan, then Graceland should be on top of your list. Aside from having some great music venues and performances, it is also where you can visit the Elvis’ mansion.

  1. Chicago, IL

Chicago is the destination for those who love rhythm and blues. But aside from R&B, the city is also a thriving hub for hip hop and house music. Occasionally, you can find full orchestra concert performances in the city. There are also great music schools around. If you are planning to enroll your kids to a musical school to learn violin, you may want to check out this site.

  1. San Francisco, CA

Metallica and hippie movement trace back to this city. It has a very lively music scene with hubs catering to different preferences. Interesting places to visit in the city include the Great American Music Hall and The Fillmore – a famous club which has hosted Janis Joplin, Hendrix and countless other acts from different genres.

These are just some of the places that music lovers might want to include in their bucket lists. It’s also exciting to discover different musical scenes in every place you go. Don’t be afraid to check out local music hubs or clubs. Traditional music is also very interesting.

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If you are looking for a completely unique and exciting holiday adventure, a motorcycle trip is a must.

Riding a motorbike through scenic landscapes could possibly be one of the best adventures you will ever experience! Unlike the usual packaged travel tours that many tourists tread, motorbike adventures lets you see l the less explored sights and scenes of a country. It gives you an immersive experience of the climate, the culture and the people – something you don’t usually experience in planned trips. But before you even consider trying a motorbike adventure, make sure you have with you motorcycle safety equipment and accessories. We’ve found some good motorcycle helmet reviews at

Which countries offer the perfect motorbike adventure tours? Let’s see.

  1. Turkey

Turkey promises leisure motorbike ride through constantly changing sceneries with delicious cuisine and rich culture. The road networks range from fast, smooth motorways to bumpy rural roads. City traffic can be heavy at times but out of the cities, the pace is light. From the country’s capital, ride across the Bosporus and run past through the ruins of ancient empires that dot the roadway. Leisurely drive through the mountain roads of the Black Sea mountains, then the road leads you to the lunar landscapes of central Anatolia.

Marvel at the massive rock formations that the valley features and spend your night on one of the luxury cave hotels. Further down the route, you’d pass through the vibrant scenery of the Taurus Mountains until you reach the Turquoise Coast where a relaxing retreat awaits you.

  1. Morocco

This North African country offers a fantastic winter road trip for motorbike enthusiasts. The landscape offers different riding possibilities to suit different driving tastes. The country has a reasonable road surface and a manageable traffic.

If you’re an experienced motorcyclist and want a more adventurous route, you can try the sand dunes, mule tracks and dry riverbeds – and there are also off-roads. Morocco road trip lets you tide your motorbike and cruise along the scenic Atlantic coast, or through the wild mountain switchbacks of the Rif Mountains. Routes along the deserts of the Sahara give you far-reaching views and a rollercoaster of bends.

  1. Italy

Towering over the winding roads of northeastern Italy, the Dolomites are mountain ranges that showcase unique, dramatic pinnacles. These Italian roads are not the best place for children to try motorcycling even if they wear the best kids motorcycle helmet. Some roads are carved along steep mountain ranges and require utmost precautions. What makes motorcycling in Italy more exciting is that the entire country seems enamored with motorcycles. Their warm welcome makes motorbike tours even more enjoyable.

Along major routes, you can find hotels display orange sign with motorcycle logo – which means the facility is ready to assist motorcyclists (whether you need touring information, secure parking or spa facilities). You can even chance upon fellow riders in most of these hotels. Share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and lots of stories.

These countries have some of the best motorcycling routes that you can try on your next vacation. You can find travel and tour operators offering guided motorbike road trips but you can always come up with your own adventure!

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Maybe you have not even though about that, but going to the woodworking vacation can be the kind of holiday you’re looking for. We do not all dream about lying on the beach. Some of us simply love to be active and to use the trip to learn new things. Going to one of these holidays can be a real refreshment and exit from the comfort zone if you have not dealt with woodworking.

If you are an amateur or professional in woodworking, then this vacation may be an opportunity to meet people with similar interests, share experiences and learn something new. Well then, let’s mention a few schools that can provide you with the opportunity to relax through woodworking.

Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking

is located in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. This is a place that can provide quality vacation, to those who are engaged in wood processing, as well as those who just want to try. Top woodworking coaches will transfer you their knowledge in workshops that are fully equipped to deal with this activity. Going to a place like this is an excellent way to become familiar with the processing of wood. To have your workshop, you need a lot of tools, including a wood lathe that can be found online here: It is best to become familiar with the ways of processing wood, before embarking on the procurement of equipment. This vacation can be the right way to learn.

The Clary Lake Woodworking School

is a quiet place and a true oasis of creativity. It is located in the Mid-Coast Region of Lincoln County, Maine, near Jefferson. The offer of this school has a huge number of courses, from the very basics of wood processing, to making furniture. The accommodation has a special charm. It is a comfortable farmhouse, 160 years old, with pieces of antique furniture. Here you can find inspiration at every step. If it is not in accommodation or in the workshop, you will find it in the surrounding areas that provide a place for swimming, walking and relaxing.

Peters Valley School of Craft

is located in Layton, New Jersey and is a great place for creative people. Here, in addition to woodworking, you can deal with other fine arts such as processing of ceramics or metals. Peters Valley has summer programs for adults as well as programs for youth. It offers accommodation and enjoying the beauty of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

is located in Gatlinburg, TN. Here you can learn a lot about the craft, primarily on the processing of metal, wood, ceramics, jewelry making. You can find accommodation, enjoy socializing with people, acquire new knowledge, but also escape into nature when you needed it. Arrowmont is located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Woodworking vacation is a great way to escape from everyday life and really relax in a creative way. A holiday without activities can be a pleasure few days, but it can become monotonous and boring. This type of vacation offers something completely new – an experience that is worth trying out.

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If you are a fan of ancient wooden architecture, the Horyu-ji temple is a place of high significance you should consider visiting. Some of the oldest building made of wood is present in this temple situated in Ikaruga in Nara Prefecture in Japan. This Buddhist temple dates back to the Asuka era in Japan.  Here are some interesting facts and information about the site.

How the temple came to be

The construction on the temple started in 587 AD under Emperor Yomei’s rule. The temple was to be a form of atonement for recovering from a sickness. At that time, Buddhism was still in its fledgling stage here and Kyoto was not made the capital yet.

After the death of Emperor Yomei, the construction was left to his heir apparent, Empress Suiko and Prince Shotoku, her regent. They finished building the temple in 607 AD. Some seventy years later the original structure burned due to an accident, but reconstruction was done to restore the damage by 710 AD.

Heritage site

Since most of the ancient Japanese architecture is known for its susceptibility to fire, the survival of the building is a miracle in itself. The building has until now remained unscathed.  Some even doubt on the initial fire’s occurrence, as without it the building would be even more ancient. Even with the accident, the complex has been used continuously for over 14 centuries, which has made UNESCO declare it as a World Heritage Site.

Wooden marvel

The complex is made of a pagoda of five stories with a Golden Hall present alongside it. There is an inner gate and a corridor made of wood that surrounds it. While now we have many useful wood finishing tools such as the belt sander found at this source, it is a wonder how the Japanese had worked on wood and created such masterpieces so many centuries back.

The temple serves its main purpose even today. You can find several valuable treasures belonging to the Nara and Asuka period here. The temple is mentioned in, ‘The Tale of Genji’ a Japanese Classic. It is one of the major Buddhist temples in the region and is a place, which nurtured the religion and spread it all over the country.

There are about 45 building present here of which some are made of wood. The woodwork is quite intricate and exquisite. As we mentioned before, while we do have great tools such as those at BELTSANDERWORLD to make the finishing easier the extent of craftsmanship that has gone into the building’s creation is simply breathtaking. And the place is just apt as it has a serene ambience.

Architectural expanse

The temple grounds spread over a large expanse. You have at least 20 gates as well as building here that are designated as important national treasures and cultural properties. The entire temple area is divided into two parts namely Eastern and Western Temple.  The Western temple is the older of the two buildings. Kondo is the key temple in the building and has several Buddha statues inside.

The Eastern temple is named as To-in Garan and is situated about 500 meters from the eastern side of Sai-in Garan (which is the name of the western part).  Gyoshin, a high priest had built this structure in memory of Prince Shotoku.  Yumedono is the chief building in the eastern part. It is octagonal in shape and has the statues of Gyoshin and Shotoku inside it.

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If you are planning on going on a dream trip and taking your fishing gear with you, here are some destinations that might interest you.

Australia, Lizard Island
All through September and October this place is the ideal fishing destination for those looking to catch a Black Merlin. Some weighing 1,000 pounds or more are caught here. So, your chances of catching a “grander” are better here than anywhere else in the world. Also, the place is ideal for light-tackle fishing and you will be able to catch a lot of different species in just one day.

Russia, Umba River
Umba River is great for those who are looking for a fishing challenge. It is like a small palace in the wilderness, and a great spot for catching the fattest Atlantic salmon. There are no fancy jet boots that can ferry you up and down the river so prepare for a long and healthy walk.

Chesapeake Bay
In this area, you will be able to find over 300 species, such as bluefish, drum, rockfish, flounder, spot, croaker or maybe even an American eel. This estuary, that’s lying in the Atlantic Ocean, is a great spot for saltwater fishing, but also a great opportunity for you to try out your new spinning reel. Here it is not possible to fish without it, which is why you will see everyone using it.

Amazon basin, Brazil
If you head to Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonia you can join one of the tours that offer piranha fishing. Besides piranha, there are other species, like redtail catfish and peacock bass. This place is highly recommended if you’re looking for an adventurous fishing trip.

Vietnam, Halong Bay
A bamboo rod, a fishing net and a lamp are all the equipment you are going to need to attract squid to the surface. In just a couple of hours, you can hook more than 30. The best time to visit Vietnam’s Halong Bay is between October and November.

Ireland, Lough Corrib
Ireland is well-known as a fishing paradise. This is mostly because of its countless saltwater and freshwater spots. Lough Corrib is a lake near Galway City which is well-known for wild brown trout. In the village Connemara, which is situated near the lake, there is a special holiday called Mayfly week. May is the best month for fishing the Corrib trout and the village takes on a festive atmosphere during this holiday.

Brainerd, USA
The central Minnesota town of Brainerd is just the right place for ice fishing enthusiasts. The annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza, held each January, is the largest festival for ice fishing in the world and it attracts more than 12, 000 people every year.

Bimini, Bahamas
The Bimini islands are small and offer an ideal tropical fishing destination, located just 50 miles west of Miami. The deep blue sea is home to a lot of species, including big black grouper, yellowtail and mutton snapper. Legendary Ernst Hemingway went there often to draw inspiration for his books, which could be a reason for you to visit this amazing spot.

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While it’s true there are plenty of places to find good fish for eating, the same can’t be said for catching those fish while they are still alive. If you like getting down and deep in the water with the local life, or watching it from a dry vantage point on the other side of an aquarium, there are a few truly great destinations for fish lovers around the world. What it really comes down to is whether you want to spot those fish in their natural environment, or in one made and maintained by man. Thankfully we have a couple good examples for people from both groups.

First, keep in mind we’re talking about fish watching, not catching. If you want fishing tips you’ll need to look elsewhere. As for a great place to see lots of live fish, starting indoors seems best. The Monterey Bay Aquarium situated on California’s western seaboard is perhaps one of the most popular indoor aquariums in all of the United States. It features hundreds of different varieties of fish, including some rather large predatory ones, making it a great place to visit if you have little ones who are interested in that sort of thing. The location makes it convenient for hopping to other California hot spots as well.

If we’re talking in terms of size, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium of China contains something like 1 million gallons of water at the most recent count. It features nine different zones to cover nine different geographical regions throughout the Earth, with plenty of native species from each all gathered together in one prime location. They must have some Powerful Canister Filters to process all that water and keep it clean for the various fauna and flora living in it. But that will be the furthest thing from your mind when you’re strolling through the 156 meter underwater tunnel – the longest in the world.

As for seeing fish out in the wild, that’s not such a simple matter. There are some very famous spots, made so by the great variety of life to be found swimming, sunning and slinging around in them. If you’ve never heard of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef then you’ve got a place you absolutely need to visit. It’s the largest coral reef system in the world today, spanning over 2,300 kilometers from one end to the other, going along the length. There isn’t just life in the water either – with something like 900 islands in the vicinity, there will be no shortage of sights to see.

There are plenty of other places you could go for a dive and see things most people on the surface never have and never will. Really, there are too many to list them all here. But for those out there who really just love watching fish, with all their colors, shapes and sizes, there’s always one great solution. That is, collecting a bunch of fish and keeping them in a tank for yourself. Be sure to check this out if you’re planning to populate a massive aquarium.

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