What Makes A Hotel Five Star?

Have you ever wondered how hotels are classified? A lot of people actually don’t understand how hotels are rated based on the star and diamond standards. They simply choose a hotel based on the advertised star or diamond rating.

Before anything else, let’s be clear on one thing – there’s actually no international organization that ranks or rates hotels. Hotel ratings is subjective and often a result of customer feedback. So, it is possible for any hotel to claim that they are 5-star even if they are not. You may be dismayed to know that there are only around 154 hotels around the world that have been officially rated Five Star. These are the best of the best in world of luxury hotel service. And it’s not surprising to find scathing reviews about a five star hotel’s service.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are only very few luxury hotels around the globe. These hotels have only set themselves apart from others which make them a notch above the rest. Already on its 58th year of publication, this list of Five-Star rated hotels is managed by Mobil. It ranked hotels in the US based on the services offered and gave travelers a trusted review of where best to stay when travelling.

Through the years, the system of classifying hotels has transformed to adapt to the changing trends in hotel amenities and services. Standards have been tightened while adding more city hotels. The hotels in this list are continuously monitored with standards being upgraded regularly to ensure the best services for guests.

In 20111, this list became the Forbes Travel Guide. It continues the tradition and adheres to the standards. Usually, mystery shoppers visit hotels incognito and stay there. They rate the hotel based on their experience. At the end of the survey, they sit down with the hotel provider and discuss their findings. The Forbes list is published annually in February.

So how are hotels evaluated? What makes them the best among the rest? 24-hour room service? Swimming pool and fitness hub? High quality facilities and amenities? Wi-Fi and other connectivity features? As well as minute details like a good wireless doorbell, such as those reviewed at DoorbellBase.com? Basically, a hotel is rated based on a total service package. From the way you are greeted at the lobby to the time you check out. The service should be reliable and the amenities should be complete. A five-star hotel has all the services that a hotel guest would need plus they are ready to serve every guest’s whim. The best hotel service crews even anticipate the requests of their guests.

It’s the totality of the service that is actually rated and not just parts and parcel of the hotel. Some hotel chains have perfected hotel service. These hotels have inculcated in their staff the culture of providing only the best service! Of course, these highly-rated hotels come at a price, but for those in search of luxury, these hotels are worth every penny!

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