Maybe you have not even though about that, but going to the woodworking vacation can be the kind of holiday you’re looking for. We do not all dream about lying on the beach. Some of us simply love to be active and to use the trip to learn new things. Going to one of these holidays can be a real refreshment and exit from the comfort zone if you have not dealt with woodworking.

If you are an amateur or professional in woodworking, then this vacation may be an opportunity to meet people with similar interests, share experiences and learn something new. Well then, let’s mention a few schools that can provide you with the opportunity to relax through woodworking.

Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking

is located in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. This is a place that can provide quality vacation, to those who are engaged in wood processing, as well as those who just want to try. Top woodworking coaches will transfer you their knowledge in workshops that are fully equipped to deal with this activity. Going to a place like this is an excellent way to become familiar with the processing of wood. To have your workshop, you need a lot of tools, including a wood lathe that can be found online here: It is best to become familiar with the ways of processing wood, before embarking on the procurement of equipment. This vacation can be the right way to learn.

The Clary Lake Woodworking School

is a quiet place and a true oasis of creativity. It is located in the Mid-Coast Region of Lincoln County, Maine, near Jefferson. The offer of this school has a huge number of courses, from the very basics of wood processing, to making furniture. The accommodation has a special charm. It is a comfortable farmhouse, 160 years old, with pieces of antique furniture. Here you can find inspiration at every step. If it is not in accommodation or in the workshop, you will find it in the surrounding areas that provide a place for swimming, walking and relaxing.

Peters Valley School of Craft

is located in Layton, New Jersey and is a great place for creative people. Here, in addition to woodworking, you can deal with other fine arts such as processing of ceramics or metals. Peters Valley has summer programs for adults as well as programs for youth. It offers accommodation and enjoying the beauty of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

is located in Gatlinburg, TN. Here you can learn a lot about the craft, primarily on the processing of metal, wood, ceramics, jewelry making. You can find accommodation, enjoy socializing with people, acquire new knowledge, but also escape into nature when you needed it. Arrowmont is located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Woodworking vacation is a great way to escape from everyday life and really relax in a creative way. A holiday without activities can be a pleasure few days, but it can become monotonous and boring. This type of vacation offers something completely new – an experience that is worth trying out.

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Best European Winter Vacations

While summer is the time when most European cities see the most inflow of tourists, winter season too attracts a considerable number of tourists who like to avoid the busy peak tourist season. With good snow proof gear, you can enjoy all the popular European destinations, which incidentally take on a new and appealing look as winter sets in. Here are some top choices we have lined up for the best winter vacation in Europe.


Amsterdam in winter is a bit chilly, but if are ready to brave the chill, you can get amazingly discounted flights and rooms. Since the top tourist spots in Amsterdam are open all through the year, you can enjoy them all with less crowds to contend with. The holiday festivities are more in winter and ice-skating is an added bonus at this time of the year.


Zurich is a vibrant city and is a best winter vacation spot due to its strategic location near Swiss Alps. The spectacular lake vistas are a remarkable sight here. For those who love medieval architecture, this place offers plenty of attractions. The cobblestone studded streets and the natural beauty of the city make it a worthwhile winter holiday spot.

People usually occupy the winter months with indoor activities. Some pass the time with indoor games and watching TV, while the enterprising lot tries their hand at various DIY jobs around the house. Having a tool like, the reciprocating saw at, helps to do all kinds of DIY jobs that crop up in homes.


This Austrian city offers the best winter activities for tourists. With the fantastic view of Austrian Alps as the background, this city has several ski resorts and attractions. You get the most incredible holiday winter packages here.


This city is for those who love ancient architecture. You can find breath-taking castles, baroque architecture and cathedrals in plenty here. The Christmas markets, skiing spots and museums attract many visitors to this quaint and enchanting city.


This Austrian city celebrates winter holiday season with ice skating, advent markets and lavish parties. The snow covered buildings old and new and ski slopes make this place a winter wonderland that you should definitely include in your winter vacation itinerary. Most building in Austria are made of wood, as it is highly affordable and of good quality besides being environment friendly. While working in wood having a reciprocating tool such as at Jason Saw Reviews helps to do a quick and neat job of an otherwise tedious one.


The winter temperatures in Lisbon do not drop under 50 degrees so you can enjoy the winter here more than other European cities but it may rain sometimes. When you can withstand the weather patterns here you can have  a whale of a time here with the low hotel rates and calm crowd free tourist spots which teem with visitors during summer.


A trip to Europe even in winter is not complete without Paris. In winter you can feel Paris become more vibrant and alive. If the cold gets too much, you can always explore the heated museums such as Musee Rodin, d’Orsay or the Louvre museum which can be enjoyed in leisure without the annoying crowds.

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This is the time of the year when most people will be on holiday. They don’t need to be Christian to enjoy the festivities that are usually included at this important time of the Christian religious calendar. Over the years, pagan traditions have also been included.

It is only in countries where one other religion dominates (and Christianity is a minority religion) that you are not likely to experience these end of year traditions if your festive spirit includes a sense of adventure and you decide to go away for an extensive holiday.

Our earlier posts give you many ideas where you can spend your Christmas holidays, whether you want to immerse yourself in all the traditional festivities or locate yourself in more remote locations where surroundings do not allow you to be distracted by Christmas cheer.

What Christmas is all about

Homeward bound and determined to make the most of your longstanding family tradition, you may be one of the many who won’t be going on holiday this time around. Keep that in mind, though, because it’s well worth it. We’d like to give you one new approach to Christmas, particularly if you are rooted in the pagan rituals and hadn’t thought of this before. Christmas is essentially about the birth of Jesus Christ. In commemoration of this, why don’t you built your own nativity crib? It doesn’t have to be large; in fact, all it needs to be is intimate enough to stand alongside your Christmas tree and with more than enough room to spare in your living room. And with all the right tools at your disposal, the traditional saw and a portable nailing gun for instance, building your own crib will be easy.

Don’t limit yourself to tradition

But we’re all about travelling to faraway places, even as far as the North Pole where you know who lives. You could have a gorgeous and typical Christmas holiday close to where he lives by visiting any one of the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe. In earlier posts, we’ve mentioned Finland, Norway and Sweden.

But don’t expect to be able to see him this time around. This is his busiest time of year and he is likely to be making deliveries across the globe. In another post, we listed some of the most awe-inspiring concert halls in Europe and elsewhere. Across the world, there are many others too. This is ideal for the traditional lover of Christmas carols.

But for the traditional lover of peace and quiet, we also mentioned some of the most pristine beaches you are likely to find. For this time of the year, beaches are popular destinations so you are going to be challenged. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to beaches.

There are many other famous getaways and cultural sites that you should be making time to see anyway. But for Christian holidaymakers, what better place to visit than the place where it all began and within the world’s religious epicenter; Jerusalem.

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A Visit To Kenya

Choosing destinations when taking a vacation can be a daunting task for individuals who may have had the pleasure of travelling the world to a broad extent or may be searching for something more adventurous.

Although Europe and the Americas have many experiences to offer, none are similar to the one’s in other countries around the world with one of these in particular being Kenya. Kenya is a wonderful place to travel to for those looking to get away from the snow and cold weather in their countries as it is located on the equator and thus boasts an attractive climate for those more used to colder conditions.

It is a country located in the Eastern part of Africa and has one of the most thriving economies in the continent in recent years. It is for this and many other reasons that the country has become a popular destination for many tourists around the globe.

What to do while in Kenya

There are a number of activities that one is able to do while they are in this beautiful country and the options vary for those who may have different wants and needs. These different opportunities are found in various parts of the nation and thus it would be advisable for one to buy a pair of comfortable nursing shoes if they plan on traversing through all the various tourism attractions that are available in this East African region. Some of the activities that are readily available for those who may choose to come to include:

  1. Wildlife Tourism

Kenya happens to have a proud collection of wildlife animals that can be considered to be one of the best in the continent. The country is home to the famous African Big 5 which consists of the Lion, the Buffalo, the Rhino, the Elephant and the Leopard. These animals were referred to as the big 5 initially by hunters who came into the region.

The name was derived from these animals being the hardest to hunt down while on foot. Kenya is also part-home to the Mara crossing which happens to be one of the wonders of the world. One is able to catch this phenomenon in action depending on the time of year that one visits the country.

  1. Coastal Tourism

Kenya also happens to have some beautiful beaches in its coastal regions and these can serve as ideal destinations for those who are more intent on relaxing and enjoying themselves during their trip. The white sandy beaches offer the ideal locations for setting up for the day and working on a person’s sun tan or perhaps finishing a favorite book.

It should be noted that the coastal regions are hotter and more humid than other parts of the country but the weather is not unbearable and can actually serve to individuals advantage at times such as during the night when there is no need to dress up in layers of clothes in order to attain warmth.

No matter what particular kind of tourism an individual may choose, leisure or adventure, one is guaranteed to have a good time when visiting this exotic region.

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Getting away from work, friends, relatives and everything else is a major reason people go on vacations. However, how many of us are really on vacation when we venture far from home? With activities to plan, groups to go sightseeing with, local cuisine to try and other things to do, who really relaxes anymore? While I’m sure the numbers probably aren’t as bad as I think, I’m also sure that lots of people who go on vacations aren’t enjoying themselves as much as they could be. That’s why I wanted to write about setting up a pampered holiday, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

A big part of any real vacation is getting away from the stress of everyday life. What’s the point if you’re going to be dealing with the same demanding boss, spouse, children, relatives and other people in your life who are causing you stress? Taking some personal time which is actually personal time is important to maintaining your sanity when you have a dozen or more people in your life constantly trying to pull you in just as many different directions. For a perfectly pampered holiday then, you should cut off contact with people for a time and look to do something that makes you feel good.

That’s not to say you should totally disappear. Be sure to tell friends and family before you go on a vacation, just in case something happens. But it won’t hurt to turn your phone off for a day or two. Or seven. As for that special something that makes you feel good, that’s all up to you. Some people like to get a new look to go with their new surroundings, even if the trip is only a temporary one. A visit with to a nail technician, a hair stylist and a few other specialists will surely make this happen. It’s a good opportunity to try the popular styles in a foreign country, too.

Take things at your own pace. There’s really no better advice that could be given for how to enjoy a vacation more. When you first arrive, take your time settling in; get acclimated with the place you’ll be spending the next several days of your life. Try out the local radio and any newspapers if you feel like finding something to do, or just go out for a walk and see what finds you instead. You could always stay in your room and just enjoy being far away from all things familiar, but this could probably be accomplished without traveling far from home.

After pampering your senses and your body, your palette will probably be the next thing to come to mind. Good food and drink can be had in all corners of the world, but every place has its famous dishes. Trying local specialty meats, produce and liquors is something that’s fun to do on every vacation. The best way for this to go is that you find something you really like and then you have plenty of it during the remainder of your vacation. There are other ways to make your vacation more relaxing and soothing, so don’t just stop with what you’ve read here.

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Best places to enjoy longboarding

Kids like to stay active all day. You see several kids, on the road, having fun roller skating or longboarding on the streets, whether it is evening, weekdays or during vacations. Longboarding is an enjoyable sport that lets you relish the exhilaration of breezing through the planes.

It is not only kids, but also teenage boys and adults, who enjoy longboarding. Longboarding in addition to being fun to ride on is a relatively inexpensive hobby that anyone can take up on. While longboarding is just plain fun, the excitement is further increased when you longboard in places that are perfect for longboarding. Here are some such places that you should not miss out on.

Col de Turini

Situated in Italy, you can see wonderfully smooth roads that are a dream to longboard on, especially downhill rides. The smooth tarmac along with numerous hairpins gives you an adrenaline rush that cannot be compared to anything else.

Titan’s Path

Present in Norway, this spot has over 30 hairpins continuously. You can camp and longboard to your fill but this is not for the weak hearted. Running over one kilometer in length, the more than thirty percent slope of the bends make it a mean ride indeed.

Red Hill – Simons Town

Located in Simons Town in South Africa this place has simply superb scenery. To escape from the traffic rush, you need to get here early in the day. The five percent slope is great fun to ride and both beginners and pros can ride on this turf.

Cuesta de Lipan

Present in Argentina in Jujuy province, this place is on the Andes Mountains. The longboard spot extends over 11 kilometers long and has about 15 hairpins with ten percent slope. The ideal longboard conditions make it the best place for downhill enthusiasts to visit. Only the greatest longboards can withstand the tough ride here. The Rio Grande passes via Qebrada de Humahuaca canyon at around 1,000 to 3,500 meters.


Located in Región de Coquimbo, Chile, you get perfect roads that only pros manage to longboard in. The thirty percent slope and busy traffic challenges even the best longboarder. The surrounding landscape also offers a picturesque beauty that is simply stunning.

Snake Run

Situated in Camp Woodward in the United States, the name says it all. For pure unbridled fun, the snake runs are perfect. The dynamic structure is made in such a way that more number of skateable elements can be added without spoiling its appeal. The entire snake run links the lower and upper portion of Camp Woodward. A longboarder can slide from the camp at top to the cafeteria below.


Present in Gedern, Germany this is a wonderful spot for both beginners and intermediate riders. The 13 kilometer long, spread offers a relaxing slide for both cruising and dancing. Annually huge longboard meetings, the largest in Germany, are held here.

Spearfish Canyon

This longboard spot extending over 20 kilometers is an awesome spot in the United States. Accessible to all types of riders, the only place where a rider needs to be cautious is, when turning the narrow corners. Great scenery, wonderful surface and a long run are this place’s highlights.

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