Useful Travel Items

There are some things which are just good to bring along when traveling long distances far away from home, such as when you’re on vacation or taking a trip related to your job. People often underestimate the value of a good map, though it’s one of the most useful items you could ever pack when going on a long trip. These days many people use GPS units and digital maps to take care of this need and good maps for much of the world are freely available through the Internet. That’s just one very useful item, but there are still a few more items most people should pack when traveling.

Another good thing to pack when traveling is a first aid kit. You never know when you, someone traveling with you, or someone you meet might get injured. It’s just a good idea to have one of these around in your vehicle anyhow, even when you aren’t planning on traveling far. It’s one of those “just in case” items you know you might need, but hope you’ll never have to use. A good first aid kit should include disinfectant wipes and antibiotic ointment as well as bandages, gauze, tape, splints for setting broken fingers and a few other essential items like emergency insulin for diabetics.

One major concern for drivers especially is traveling at night when there is little or no artificial light to help improve visibility. Headlights alone sometimes aren’t enough to ensure you are able to see, as well as be seen by other drivers. For this issue, consider adding LED light bars to your car, truck or van. Click here for information about Cree LED bars made specifically for the purpose of increasing vehicle visibility while driving. It’s better to be seen and avoid an accident in the first place rather than to have a kit, phone and flares available in case you crash at night; believe it.

Speaking of flares, you don’t typically get those in first aid kits, and they are a great thing to carry in your vehicle while traveling in case you get into an accident after the sun goes down. Visibility can be very low in some places – especially if there is no overhead lighting, like when driving in the back country or other locales which are more rural and less urban. A set of flares can be the difference between being visible and getting the help you need and watching the ambulance drive right by you while you sit on the side of a dark road.

Last but certainly not least on this short list of useful travel items is a spare tire, or maybe even two, tucked away in your vehicle’s storage space. Nothing can stop someone traveling quite as fast as a sudden flat tire, but thankfully these are also some of the easiest things on a vehicle to replace, next to stuff like spark plugs and batteries. You’ll need a jack for lifting up the vehicle if you want to swap tires, and pneumatic jacks are probably the best of the bunch.

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If you are planning on going on a dream trip and taking your fishing gear with you, here are some destinations that might interest you.

Australia, Lizard Island
All through September and October this place is the ideal fishing destination for those looking to catch a Black Merlin. Some weighing 1,000 pounds or more are caught here. So, your chances of catching a “grander” are better here than anywhere else in the world. Also, the place is ideal for light-tackle fishing and you will be able to catch a lot of different species in just one day.

Russia, Umba River
Umba River is great for those who are looking for a fishing challenge. It is like a small palace in the wilderness, and a great spot for catching the fattest Atlantic salmon. There are no fancy jet boots that can ferry you up and down the river so prepare for a long and healthy walk.

Chesapeake Bay
In this area, you will be able to find over 300 species, such as bluefish, drum, rockfish, flounder, spot, croaker or maybe even an American eel. This estuary, that’s lying in the Atlantic Ocean, is a great spot for saltwater fishing, but also a great opportunity for you to try out your new spinning reel. Here it is not possible to fish without it, which is why you will see everyone using it.

Amazon basin, Brazil
If you head to Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonia you can join one of the tours that offer piranha fishing. Besides piranha, there are other species, like redtail catfish and peacock bass. This place is highly recommended if you’re looking for an adventurous fishing trip.

Vietnam, Halong Bay
A bamboo rod, a fishing net and a lamp are all the equipment you are going to need to attract squid to the surface. In just a couple of hours, you can hook more than 30. The best time to visit Vietnam’s Halong Bay is between October and November.

Ireland, Lough Corrib
Ireland is well-known as a fishing paradise. This is mostly because of its countless saltwater and freshwater spots. Lough Corrib is a lake near Galway City which is well-known for wild brown trout. In the village Connemara, which is situated near the lake, there is a special holiday called Mayfly week. May is the best month for fishing the Corrib trout and the village takes on a festive atmosphere during this holiday.

Brainerd, USA
The central Minnesota town of Brainerd is just the right place for ice fishing enthusiasts. The annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza, held each January, is the largest festival for ice fishing in the world and it attracts more than 12, 000 people every year.

Bimini, Bahamas
The Bimini islands are small and offer an ideal tropical fishing destination, located just 50 miles west of Miami. The deep blue sea is home to a lot of species, including big black grouper, yellowtail and mutton snapper. Legendary Ernst Hemingway went there often to draw inspiration for his books, which could be a reason for you to visit this amazing spot.

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Prepping for the Water

After observing people and their vacation habits for many years now we’ve come to better understand the desires of people who are traveling. You can usually get at least an idea of these by looking at their itinerary – where they’re traveling, the time of year, the geography of the area. For instance, people who go for a vacation and head for places near water are more than likely going to be looking for something to do in that water. Coastal areas and locations along rivers, lakes and ponds offer opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating and other recreational activities. The link is there.

Just like people travel to cultural hotspots around the globe to see museums and surround themselves with the history of the world, those who head for water are usually looking to surround themselves with it too. This is why we would like to extend a few pieces of advice to anyone looking to enjoy some fun in the water while the weather is still warm this year.  Some of these will be basic safety tips you have probably heard before, but it’s never a bad idea to review such information, especially when you’re getting ready to go into that environment anyhow.

For starters, make sure you never go swimming immediately after eating. You should wait at least 45 minutes after eating before you get into the water. Swimming so soon after eating could cause painful cramps or worse. Also, if you’re planning on using some sort of boat or other vehicle, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for you, any guests and any gear you want to bring along for the ride. You could learn more about kayaks at but there are resources for rafts and other watercraft as well. Don’t forget a little extra room for a first aid kit as well.

Because people on the water often end up in the water, life preservers are also a necessary item to bring along for any aquatic excursions. These will help poor swimmers to stay afloat without panicking and make it easier to spot other passengers in the event a boat or other watercraft rolls, flips or crashes. The odds are good that carrying such flotation devices for each of your passengers is actually the law wherever you live, so be sure to check up on that before you make any boating plans. Permits and licenses for fishing and other activities should be current as well if applicable.

In the end, only you know the particulars of your vacation. You could just as well be heading for sunny beaches to get a tan and have no interest at all about getting in the water. But there are certain health and safety concerns to keep in mind wherever you’re traveling and whatever the reason might be. By planning ahead for and taking care of these concerns during your vacation, you increase the overall amount of time you can be enjoying yourself by cutting down on unnecessary worrying. And if there’s one thing no vacation needs, it’s an excess of worries.

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Best places to enjoy longboarding

Kids like to stay active all day. You see several kids, on the road, having fun roller skating or longboarding on the streets, whether it is evening, weekdays or during vacations. Longboarding is an enjoyable sport that lets you relish the exhilaration of breezing through the planes.

It is not only kids, but also teenage boys and adults, who enjoy longboarding. Longboarding in addition to being fun to ride on is a relatively inexpensive hobby that anyone can take up on. While longboarding is just plain fun, the excitement is further increased when you longboard in places that are perfect for longboarding. Here are some such places that you should not miss out on.

Col de Turini

Situated in Italy, you can see wonderfully smooth roads that are a dream to longboard on, especially downhill rides. The smooth tarmac along with numerous hairpins gives you an adrenaline rush that cannot be compared to anything else.

Titan’s Path

Present in Norway, this spot has over 30 hairpins continuously. You can camp and longboard to your fill but this is not for the weak hearted. Running over one kilometer in length, the more than thirty percent slope of the bends make it a mean ride indeed.

Red Hill – Simons Town

Located in Simons Town in South Africa this place has simply superb scenery. To escape from the traffic rush, you need to get here early in the day. The five percent slope is great fun to ride and both beginners and pros can ride on this turf.

Cuesta de Lipan

Present in Argentina in Jujuy province, this place is on the Andes Mountains. The longboard spot extends over 11 kilometers long and has about 15 hairpins with ten percent slope. The ideal longboard conditions make it the best place for downhill enthusiasts to visit. Only the greatest longboards can withstand the tough ride here. The Rio Grande passes via Qebrada de Humahuaca canyon at around 1,000 to 3,500 meters.


Located in Región de Coquimbo, Chile, you get perfect roads that only pros manage to longboard in. The thirty percent slope and busy traffic challenges even the best longboarder. The surrounding landscape also offers a picturesque beauty that is simply stunning.

Snake Run

Situated in Camp Woodward in the United States, the name says it all. For pure unbridled fun, the snake runs are perfect. The dynamic structure is made in such a way that more number of skateable elements can be added without spoiling its appeal. The entire snake run links the lower and upper portion of Camp Woodward. A longboarder can slide from the camp at top to the cafeteria below.


Present in Gedern, Germany this is a wonderful spot for both beginners and intermediate riders. The 13 kilometer long, spread offers a relaxing slide for both cruising and dancing. Annually huge longboard meetings, the largest in Germany, are held here.

Spearfish Canyon

This longboard spot extending over 20 kilometers is an awesome spot in the United States. Accessible to all types of riders, the only place where a rider needs to be cautious is, when turning the narrow corners. Great scenery, wonderful surface and a long run are this place’s highlights.

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Pack a Serger for Your Next Trip

The importance of bringing enough clothes when traveling far from home is already apparent to most regular travelers, but what happens when those clothes get damaged during a trip or vacation? Many people simply replace them, using money which could have gone for something fun and enjoyable when they don’t really need to. Though it may seem somewhat bulky, packing a serger or other type of sewing machine for your next major trip can help prevent you from wasting money on torn socks, shirts and other clothing items by allowing you to mend them rather than replace them.

Now I know what you’re thinking – it sounds unwieldy and I already mentioned that above. But many sergers are fairly compact and we aren’t talking about the sewing machines of old, which would fold right into a table when not in use. The machines of today are smaller and more portable than ever before, making them much easier to pack and take with you than you might think. Just look at this machine right here. It’s not too big and it’s powerful enough to give you the performance you’re looking for when trying to stitch up torn clothes. There are others too, but this one was on the top of my head.

The important thing is to find a machine which suits your preferences. Does it do the things you want it to do? That’s what owning a sewing machine comes down to in the end, and that’s what will help you to decide whether you should pack it up when you head on a trip far from home or just leave it there until you get back. Websites like SERGER PRO can help you find your perfect machine. I already mentioned as well how expensive it can be to replace clothes, especially if you’re stuck in one of the world’s many tourist traps, but getting them mended by a professional seamstress or clothier could cost you even more.

Naturally, you might consider simply packing cheaper clothing when going on a vacation to avoid all of this in the first place. This is actually advisable in many cases, but if you’re on a trip for business rather than pleasure, you probably can’t afford to not look your absolute best. If you’ll just be goofing off or spending time sprawled out on a beach somewhere, it probably doesn’t matter if you end up ripping a shirt or a set of shorts. But if that’s not the case, then you probably already understand why having a sewing machine with you could be advantageous.

As an alternative to packing a machine, you could just bring along some thread and a few needles. Naturally this setup would be lighter and easier to move around, but an odd spool and needle are pretty easy to lose. You might also have a hard time bringing them onto a plane, if you were planning on flying. In the end, do whatever works best for you and remember your vacation is (probably) supposed to be fun in the first place, so enjoy it!

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Health and Fitness Travel

Fitness travel that holiday whereby you r aim is to exercise and reduce your lipids and coming back home when your pants have shrunk. A healthy eating, participating in traditional dances of the places you visit, bicycle rides and some other fun activities not forgetting the gym in the resort that you’re staying while on holiday are some of the activities that you have to participate for you to have that proportional body size and shape that you’re looking forward to have .

In this article, we’re going to look at the places that you’ve to spend your holiday as well as you exercise to have a healthy stay and body giving you that urge to explore the area you’re touring. These places got different activities which are worthy to try and quite healthy to your body immune. It is just what your body is lacking. Let us look at each place and what activities you’ve to participate.

Green Mountain at FoxRun – Ludlow, Vermont

A visit to Vermont is the one that will remain in your mind for a long period of time. This green mountain got activities that you ought not to miss to participate not just for fun but to improve your lifestyle as well. Various activities like Back exercises, managing food craving and fitness for women. These workshops are organized for the purposes of the visitors who tour this green mountain. Yoga classes are also available to visitors. After all these, relax with your protein powder as you enjoy your stay. This is one of the places you have to be if you have to enjoy that fitness travel. The rates for a week go for $2,200 for a single head.

Bikini Boot Camp, Amansala, Mexico

Start your holiday day with yoga exercises, body sculpting and jungle power walk that are just offered to those who spend their holiday in this resort. The program offered here runs for 6 days. Jicima salads, grilled fish and mangoes are some of the local dishes that visitors can eat. Swimming and snorkeling are other activities that you do while in this camp. For you to enjoy this program, you’ll pay $2,135 per person for the six days.

The Hills Health Spa – British Columbia, Canada

Return home from British Columbia after participating in the yoga exercises, aerobics, aqua fit and Pilates. Biking, canoeing and hiking are available to the visitors. Several packages are offered to tourists and different packages vary in rates. Currently you can enjoy the “Hike n Spa”. This package will enable you to enjoy morning walk, mountain biking and trekking by lakes.  The ranch is affordable as you pay $896 for six days.

Wildfitness – Kenya and Greece

These two countries are some of the places that you can spend your holiday. You can choose either to visit the Kenyan coast or the Greece Mountains swimming, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, deep sea fishing, yoga, tai chi are some of the activities depending on the place you have visited. Massages are also given to the participants and healthy diet is given to participants by Nutritional guidance. In Kenya, for a week you will pay $2,725 and in Greece you will pay $2,924 for nine days.

This article has enabled you and has shed light to the places where you can stay healthy and have that healthy stay. The exercises that are offered are worthy spending your holiday.

photo credit: Monash University

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