This is the time of the year when most people will be on holiday. They don’t need to be Christian to enjoy the festivities that are usually included at this important time of the Christian religious calendar. Over the years, pagan traditions have also been included.

It is only in countries where one other religion dominates (and Christianity is a minority religion) that you are not likely to experience these end of year traditions if your festive spirit includes a sense of adventure and you decide to go away for an extensive holiday.

Our earlier posts give you many ideas where you can spend your Christmas holidays, whether you want to immerse yourself in all the traditional festivities or locate yourself in more remote locations where surroundings do not allow you to be distracted by Christmas cheer.

What Christmas is all about

Homeward bound and determined to make the most of your longstanding family tradition, you may be one of the many who won’t be going on holiday this time around. Keep that in mind, though, because it’s well worth it. We’d like to give you one new approach to Christmas, particularly if you are rooted in the pagan rituals and hadn’t thought of this before. Christmas is essentially about the birth of Jesus Christ. In commemoration of this, why don’t you built your own nativity crib? It doesn’t have to be large; in fact, all it needs to be is intimate enough to stand alongside your Christmas tree and with more than enough room to spare in your living room. And with all the right tools at your disposal, the traditional saw and a portable nailing gun for instance, building your own crib will be easy.

Don’t limit yourself to tradition

But we’re all about travelling to faraway places, even as far as the North Pole where you know who lives. You could have a gorgeous and typical Christmas holiday close to where he lives by visiting any one of the Scandinavian countries in northern Europe. In earlier posts, we’ve mentioned Finland, Norway and Sweden.

But don’t expect to be able to see him this time around. This is his busiest time of year and he is likely to be making deliveries across the globe. In another post, we listed some of the most awe-inspiring concert halls in Europe and elsewhere. Across the world, there are many others too. This is ideal for the traditional lover of Christmas carols.

But for the traditional lover of peace and quiet, we also mentioned some of the most pristine beaches you are likely to find. For this time of the year, beaches are popular destinations so you are going to be challenged. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to beaches.

There are many other famous getaways and cultural sites that you should be making time to see anyway. But for Christian holidaymakers, what better place to visit than the place where it all began and within the world’s religious epicenter; Jerusalem.

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Best concert halls in Europe

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a concert at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. I was awed by the huge concert hall that had about 2,200 seats. The piano concert was soulful and enjoyed by everyone who attended. I was there with my friend who is a piano player.

He plays well, both the new digital models as well as the acoustic one. The hall is home to Los Angeles Master Chorale and Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. Visiting the concert hall had me thinking about all other places that are famous for their concert halls. Although there are numerous such halls worldwide, I’ve narrowed down the list to 7 famous places. Read on to know more.

Auditorio de Tenerife

Located in Canary Islands, Spain, this hall was crafted by Santiago Calatrava Valls. Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canarian capital, in the Avenue of Constitution, this building took about six years to complete. The building is built according to late twentieth century modern architecture model. It is one of the finest buildings in Canary Islands and highlights Spanish architecture in the best way.  This is one of the must visit place for visitors to Canary Islands.

Oslo Opera HouseOslo Opera House

This opera house graces the capital of Norway and is home to The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Situated in central Oslo in Bjorvika neighborhood, it is managed by Statsbygg, a government agency that is in charge of Norwegian government. The auditorium has 1,364 seats and 2 additional performing spaces that seat 400 and 200. The exterior designed with white granite and Italian marble give it an appearance of rising out of water. It is the largest ever modern building constructed in Norway since circa 1300, when Nidarosdomen was constructed.

Royal Albert Hall

For a music enthusiast, a visit to London is not complete without seeing a performance done here. Present in South Kensington in Westminster City in London the hall was opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria. Since then most of the leading artists in the world have done performances here.

It is one of the most treasured buildings in England. Every year over 350 events spanning a wide variety of genre ranging from ballet and concerts, to rock, pop and award ceremonies are performed here. Charity events and community and school events too are held here.

Initially it was decided to name the hall as The Central Hall of Arts and Sciences but Queen Victoria changed it to its present name in memory of her late husband Prince Albert. My friend said he’d seen many piano concerts performed here and it was seeing these concerts as a child that he developed a passion for piano music. He loves the advanced digital piano models; check out this site, as they give him more freedom to develop new compositions.

The Copenhagen Concert Hall

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, this was designed by Jean Nouvel ,while creating the DR Byen, which houses the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Located in Northern Orestad in Copenhagen, the concert hall has four halls with a seating arrangement that accommodates over 1,800 people. This is home to Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

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Phuket, one of the upcoming tourist’s destinations in Thailand is one of the places you don’t have to miss to spend your holiday. With the fascinating spots that you have to visit and see, your holiday will be full with memories. With the features that this island boasts, you can visit either in summer or winter. The most appealing thing is that, you won’t lack anything to do while on this island. Especially for those tourists who’re looking for romantic places to spend with their loved ones, here are the places you have to visit.

In this article, we’re going to look at five places in Thailand that you’ve to spend your holiday that are ideal whether you’re on honeymoon or whether you’re taking your family or fiancée. These places are worthy to be visited by locals as well as tourists who are on holiday. The serenity of these places, the calmness allows intimacy to those who visits them. Let us look at the five places you have to spend your romantic holiday in Thailand.

Phang Nga Bay

This bay is ideal to tourists and other visitors who love nature. With the serene environment surrounding the bay, they can enjoy seeing the aquatic fauna that is quite appealing to every tourist who visit this bay. The limestone cliffs on this bay is a must see thing that will turn your holiday out of this world. Koh Panyee and the JamesBondIsland are two spots that have made this island to be famous in Phuket. A boat ride on the Island and exploring the beaches is something that you will enjoy a lot while on the bay.

Old Phuket Town

This is a historical town that contains features like the shrines, temples, public museums, quaint cafes and printing shops. The architecture of the buildings in this old town is one of the must do things in Phuket. The Sino-ColonialMansion, the Chinese language school preserved in the museum, photos of old temples and houses are some of the things you have to take a picnic.

Soi Bangla Nightlife in Patong Beach

Leisure is something that one has admired to have. Leisure can be in form of drinking, dancing or being in a company of friends doing something that pleases you. If you’re on holiday in Phuket, don’t miss out the Patong’s live parties that erupt after sunset. Enjoy seeing the girls dancing in bars around the post to entertain the customers in the bars to buy more beers. Not only buying the beers is the major intention of the girls, but also they look forward to be taken away for the evening too. This is one of the places you have to visit and spend your evening in Phuket.

Phuket Simon Cabaret

Your holiday won’t be completed without visiting the Phuket Simon Cabaret where you will be entertained from a range of music and culture shows. The costume that is used during this culture shows display the originality of Phuket and hence attracts tourists and the whole of Southeast Asia who enjoy this spectacular show. It’s one of the must visit places.

Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples

This is an area in Phuket with several beautiful temples. They are about 29 temples in the locality. Buddhist temples are the ones’ spread in this area. Tourists visit the temples to learn about Buddhism and the locals visit the temples to pray. Some temples have sacred places for the locals where by tourist can see how the locals worship. The statues in the temples will also give you that thrilling experience.

These places will not just make your holiday enjoyable but your romantic holiday will be full of memories. Make a visit to any of these places in Phuket and you will not regret spending your holiday in Thailand. Enjoy your holiday!

For more info about Phuket travel have a look here

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Sun Holiday in Corfu

Corfu is one of the best historical tourist attractions in Greece. There are several attractions in this beautiful city ranging from ancient towns, beaches, modern hotels/resorts, museums and monuments as well. The architecture of the temples, the exhibitions in the museums is something you don’t have to miss while in Corfu.

In this article, we’re going to look at four historical sites in Corfu that have made Corfu city to be flocked by tourists and locals. Tourists, who love to explore culture and learn more about history of Corfu and know more about the ancient lifestyle, don’t hesitate to visit these places. Let us look at each historical site and what you expect to see when you tour it.

Achillion Palace

This palace is located few meters form Corfu. Visit this palace and see the statues of the Olympian gods. The 9 musses in the palace is one of the must see thing in the palace. The Achilles statue that stands in the garden outside the palace will give you that adventure feeling. In side the palace, you will see the ancient furniture of Greek. The ancient Greek scholars and writers preserved in the palace will leave you wondering how they have been preserved for centuries.

The New Fortress

This fortress was built between 1576 and 1645. You will spend more of your time in this premise as you enjoy the theatrical performances held in this premise. The view of the premise itself is worthy spending your holiday as you explore its architecture. Your visit will be complete when you see the water ducks, underground stoas, the British barracks, ammunition rooms and the museum of ceramic which are found in this fortress.

The Old Fortress

One of the tourist spots in Corfu that you don’t have to miss to visit. See the steel bridge that connects the fortress and the city. The Savornian, Sea tower,  St. Georges Church, Roman Temple, Mandrakios ramparts are some of the monuments that you have to see in this old fortress. Located in the eastern city of Corfu, the fortress also hosts modern offices like the conference centre, the Municipal library and the clock tower as well. This features are just must see in this old fortress while in Corfu on holiday. The British barracks can also be seen while exploring this old fortress.


Aggelokastro holds a church that is built in the cave. This church is believed to be in the honor of Gabriel and Michael. Located in Krini, Aggelokastro preserves the ruins of the chambers and storage rooms that have attracted locals and tourists.

If you have to visit Corfu and explore the historical sites, we believe this article has given you the basic information that you might be lacking as you plan your holiday in Corfu. Exploring these ancient sites is something that you have to enjoy and you won’t hesitate going back again.

photo credit: Keith Laverack

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Spain has got tourists spots that you have to spend your summer holiday. Beaches, culture, the cities, monuments and villages are some of the attractions that you can enjoy seeing in Spain. The serene environment of these areas will give you that adventure feeling.

In this article, we’re going to look at the places that you have to visit or explore as you enjoy your summer holiday in Spain. This spots will leave you with memories of this beautiful city. Let’s see what you will see and enjoy at each and every place that you’ll have to visit.

La Concha

La Concha is one of the best beaches in Spain that you have to visit. Located in the city of San Sebastian, enjoy exploring the steep cliffs that surround the beach. If you love water sports activities like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming, then this is the place to be. The lushly greener environment surrounding the beach and the restaurants around this beach that serves mouth watering Spanish dishes is something you don’t have to miss. Your holiday won’t be completed without taking a walk alongside the beach as you enjoy the se breeze.

Aqueduct of Segovia

If you love culture, this is the place you’ve to be. This monument is one of the preserved in Spain. You’ll be excited to see this monument that was built using granite stones. This monument provides water to the city.  What attracts tourists is the ancient aqueduct that carries water from Fiver Frio a distance of approximately 16 kilometers


Cuenca is a city found between Valencia and Madrid. This city attracts tourists as it is built on steep slopes of the mountain. Explore this city as you see the hanging houses on the cliffs.  These houses have made this the city to be a hot spot for tourists in Spain.  Don’t miss to see this rare city that is found only in Spain.

Ibiza Island

This island is found in the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Spain. Your summer holiday will be thrilling as you enjoy the Spanish cuisines in the restaurants that are on this Island. If you love drinking, don’t worry, bars are available to offers drinks to visitors. Your holiday will be completed after you enjoy the night clubs on this island and also taking a walk along the shores of this island.

Sagrada Familia Church

Don’t miss to see this Roman Catholic Church located in Barcelona. The mot appealing thing that will attract you is the Catalan architect and its design. This is one of the places that you have to be as you enjoy your holiday. Also you can explore the city of Barcelona and mingle and learn some Spanish as well. I believe this article has listed some of the best places in Spain that you have to spend your summer holiday. I’ve no doubt you will enjoy your holiday.

photo credit: Eduardo Millo

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Museums to Visit in Greece

Exploration is an experience that everybody desires. However, a historical exploration is one that you have to especially when on holiday. Greece is just one of the countries that you have to visit and see the history and culture preserved in these museums. The city of Athens holds several museums that you’ve to visit while on holiday.

In this article we’re going to look at different museums in this rich cultural and historic city that you have to visit and see the ancient features preserved in them. Let’s look at each museum and what it holds that you’ll have to see when exploring these museums.

Acropolis Museum

This museum is located in the city of Athens.  As you walk in this five-story building, you’ll see the ancient beautiful sculptures, adorned Acropolis, standing objects, statues that are displayed in this museum. Don’t miss out to walk on the lower level of this museum where you’ll see excavations of an ancient Athenian neighborhood. This is an experience that you’ll not find it anywhere.

National Archaeological Museum

Bronze statues, Mycenaean gold, marble relief of gods and goddesses and red and black figured vases that are preserved in this museum will capture your sight. The ancient hunting frescoes are also preserved in this national museum and are something that you don’t have to miss out.

Museum of PopularGreek Musical Instruments

Located in the city of Athens, you’ll be welcome with the Greek music that is played with an elderly Greek gentleman. Enjoy this soothing music as you see the traditional music recording instruments preserved in this music. The photos of musicians playing the instruments in the museum will leave you feeling relaxed.

Archaeological Museum of Iraklion

This museum preserves the ancient culture. The museum preserves exquisite gold jewelry, stone figurines, elegant bronze and frescoes. Not only these will make you to visit the museum but the Neolithic, Archaic Greek attracts tourist in this museum. Visit this museum and see the culture preserved in it. This museum is located in the city of Crete.

Archaeological Museum of Chania

This museum has a collection of ancient works. Different artworks of different ages/centuries are preserved in this museum. The museum of Chania attracts visitors for it’s regarded as a provincial museum

As you enjoy your summer holiday in Greece, visit these museums and see the cultures preserved in them. I believe this article has highlighted what you have to see in each and every museum that you will walk in. Go, see and enjoy as well.

photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

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