Best places to enjoy longboarding

Kids like to stay active all day. You see several kids, on the road, having fun roller skating or longboarding on the streets, whether it is evening, weekdays or during vacations. Longboarding is an enjoyable sport that lets you relish the exhilaration of breezing through the planes.

It is not only kids, but also teenage boys and adults, who enjoy longboarding. Longboarding in addition to being fun to ride on is a relatively inexpensive hobby that anyone can take up on. While longboarding is just plain fun, the excitement is further increased when you longboard in places that are perfect for longboarding. Here are some such places that you should not miss out on.

Col de Turini

Situated in Italy, you can see wonderfully smooth roads that are a dream to longboard on, especially downhill rides. The smooth tarmac along with numerous hairpins gives you an adrenaline rush that cannot be compared to anything else.

Titan’s Path

Present in Norway, this spot has over 30 hairpins continuously. You can camp and longboard to your fill but this is not for the weak hearted. Running over one kilometer in length, the more than thirty percent slope of the bends make it a mean ride indeed.

Red Hill – Simons Town

Located in Simons Town in South Africa this place has simply superb scenery. To escape from the traffic rush, you need to get here early in the day. The five percent slope is great fun to ride and both beginners and pros can ride on this turf.

Cuesta de Lipan

Present in Argentina in Jujuy province, this place is on the Andes Mountains. The longboard spot extends over 11 kilometers long and has about 15 hairpins with ten percent slope. The ideal longboard conditions make it the best place for downhill enthusiasts to visit. Only the greatest longboards can withstand the tough ride here. The Rio Grande passes via Qebrada de Humahuaca canyon at around 1,000 to 3,500 meters.


Located in Región de Coquimbo, Chile, you get perfect roads that only pros manage to longboard in. The thirty percent slope and busy traffic challenges even the best longboarder. The surrounding landscape also offers a picturesque beauty that is simply stunning.

Snake Run

Situated in Camp Woodward in the United States, the name says it all. For pure unbridled fun, the snake runs are perfect. The dynamic structure is made in such a way that more number of skateable elements can be added without spoiling its appeal. The entire snake run links the lower and upper portion of Camp Woodward. A longboarder can slide from the camp at top to the cafeteria below.


Present in Gedern, Germany this is a wonderful spot for both beginners and intermediate riders. The 13 kilometer long, spread offers a relaxing slide for both cruising and dancing. Annually huge longboard meetings, the largest in Germany, are held here.

Spearfish Canyon

This longboard spot extending over 20 kilometers is an awesome spot in the United States. Accessible to all types of riders, the only place where a rider needs to be cautious is, when turning the narrow corners. Great scenery, wonderful surface and a long run are this place’s highlights.