Best Destinations For Foodies in USA

If you are a foodie, the best way to enjoy a trip and have a good time is to plan it around bakeries, restaurants, and markets. And it is not a hardship to travel in this way, even if you’re not a food connoisseur. Actually, for many travelers the historic appeal, art galleries, and other spots are just things to pass time until they spot a great restaurant to eat in. You’ll be surprised to know that the simplest foods are sometimes the most cherished like warm and freshly baked bread.

The following towns have not only the most delicious foods but also have great scenery, hotels, and spots for visitors to explore. Although eating is one main reason we travel to these places, it doesn’t hurt to see the local culture and tourist attractions on the side. Here are some top cities that are more popular for their food than the tourist attractions they have.

New Orleans

creole foodNew Orleans in Louisiana is famous for its Creole food, which almost everyone knows about. But what many aren’t aware of is its Vietnamese cuisine. Delicious oysters and lip smacking French bread are famous here. The farmers market at Crescent City, Algiers Point, and Garden District are must visit places, when you want to give a break to your food journey.


This Oregon city is well known for its stellar wineries, chefs of great repute, funky menus, and awesome meal prices. The bubblegum donuts are famous here, while you can get anything and everything from sandwiches to almond butter and goat cheese in the food cart pods that line up in the city. For a tasty and delicious chicken sandwich, the best way to prepare is to use a proper meat grinder. When you are sated enough to have a look around, the hikeable trails, and burbling creeks in Forest Park are adequate distractions that help you to burn off the calories too.


Seattle in Washington reminds one of the aromatic coffees, but this is not the only thing that attracts foodies to this city. The donuts, beer, and top quality pastries offered at the cafes are simply delicious beyond words.


This city in South Carolina has many things going for it from the Nasty Biscuit present at Hominy Grill to Butcher&Bee’s pastrami sandwich. The place is the ideal foodie tourist spot. You can find Southern inspired, home blend that cannot be found in any other place. The recipes are made from scratch fresh right from the grinding of meat. The advanced and highly efficient meat grinders such as the WARING PRO models give a nice, smooth grind enabling easy and fast cooking. When you have had enough of the culinary delights Charleston has some quaint little shops and intriguing historic waterfronts to revel in.


Boston in Massachusetts is the place to frequent in cool weather, as it is famous for its breweries. As for the food, you get locally grown veggies, cheeses, freshly made ciders and much more. Leaf peeping, ice-skating and ghost tour are some ways to pass the time here otherwise.