Best Destinations for Fish Lovers

While it’s true there are plenty of places to find good fish for eating, the same can’t be said for catching those fish while they are still alive. If you like getting down and deep in the water with the local life, or watching it from a dry vantage point on the other side of an aquarium, there are a few truly great destinations for fish lovers around the world. What it really comes down to is whether you want to spot those fish in their natural environment, or in one made and maintained by man. Thankfully we have a couple good examples for people from both groups.

First, keep in mind we’re talking about fish watching, not catching. If you want fishing tips you’ll need to look elsewhere. As for a great place to see lots of live fish, starting indoors seems best. The Monterey Bay Aquarium situated on California’s western seaboard is perhaps one of the most popular indoor aquariums in all of the United States. It features hundreds of different varieties of fish, including some rather large predatory ones, making it a great place to visit if you have little ones who are interested in that sort of thing. The location makes it convenient for hopping to other California hot spots as well.

If we’re talking in terms of size, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium of China contains something like 1 million gallons of water at the most recent count. It features nine different zones to cover nine different geographical regions throughout the Earth, with plenty of native species from each all gathered together in one prime location. They must have some Powerful Canister Filters to process all that water and keep it clean for the various fauna and flora living in it. But that will be the furthest thing from your mind when you’re strolling through the 156 meter underwater tunnel – the longest in the world.

As for seeing fish out in the wild, that’s not such a simple matter. There are some very famous spots, made so by the great variety of life to be found swimming, sunning and slinging around in them. If you’ve never heard of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef then you’ve got a place you absolutely need to visit. It’s the largest coral reef system in the world today, spanning over 2,300 kilometers from one end to the other, going along the length. There isn’t just life in the water either – with something like 900 islands in the vicinity, there will be no shortage of sights to see.

There are plenty of other places you could go for a dive and see things most people on the surface never have and never will. Really, there are too many to list them all here. But for those out there who really just love watching fish, with all their colors, shapes and sizes, there’s always one great solution. That is, collecting a bunch of fish and keeping them in a tank for yourself. Be sure to check this out if you’re planning to populate a massive aquarium.