Best Beaches in the World to Have a Perfect Vacation

Best Beaches in the World to Have a Perfect VacationIf you’re worn out and tired from your day-to-day activities, maybe it’s time for a vacation! When dreaming up the perfect vacation, most people imagine a beautiful beach with white sand, clear waters, and palm trees stretching as far as the eye can see. If this is your idea of a great vacation, we have good news – these beaches actually exist. They are the best location to have a perfect vacation, so if this is the right fit for you, take a look at these fantastic beaches we have picked out:

  1. El Nido – The area of Palawan is still not very famous, although it is not clear why. It is paradise on Earth. The sand beaches, the crystal clear waters, the romantic palms swaying on the wind…This area boasts over fifty sand beaches, each more beautiful than the other. And if none of this leaves you breathless, just wait for the day to end and let the sunset sweep you away.
  2. Puglia – The small place of Puglia is definitely the location of some of the best beaches in Italy. The pristine sandy shores immerse you perfectly into the Italian life – food, drinks and relaxation. The sand is amazingly white, the water incredibly clear, and the sun just perfect. There are many charming and affordable hotels in the small town of Porto Cesareo located nearby.
  3. Matira Beach – This is the most popular beach in Tahiti. Located on Bora Bora, it is more than a mile long, and resides on a beautiful blue lagoon. The white sand will tickle your toes as you take in the sun or chill in the shade of the palm trees-
  4. Calabria – Another one of Italy’s gems, the beach in Calabria is not very famous, but it definitely should be. It is beautiful and not too cluttered. An extra bonus is the charming old town sprawling with narrow alleys and lovely shops selling handmade items. You can also eat in one of the famous trattorias.
  5. Doctor’s Cave Beach – This beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica, was named after a doctor who donated the beach (which was his property) to form a swim club. The water is pristine, and the sand supple. The only other thing you can ask for is nice weather and a drink in your hand – and here they have both!
  6. Blinky Beach – This Australian gem is a great beach for surfing, as well as swimming and snorkelling. It is located in Queensland, which is famous for its beaches. The azure waters will enchant you and keep you coming back for more. Tourism is popular here, so you’ll be able to relax in a beach chair while drinking an awesome cocktail, as well as dine in a beachside restaurant or rent some surfing equipment. This beach offers it all – both the active and relaxed vacation!
  7. Anse Lazio – This sandy-rocky beach on the north of Praslin Island is famous for being the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles. And for a good reason! The beach is very broad with reddish soft sand and amazingly blue waters. The only thing that breaks the stillness of the beach are the palms swaying on the wind in front of gigantic granite boulders which perfectly frame the amazing view.
  8. Agia Varvara – this cute beach is located on the island of Corfu, in Greece. The beach is crawling with various nationalities and people from all walks of life. Families will feel especially welcome here since this is not your typical party beach, but a place of relaxation and enjoyment. So come on down and swim, surf, or just lay in the sand enjoying the sun!
  9. Waipio Valley Beach – This beach is extremely difficult to get to, but amazingly worth the effort. It’s located on Big Island in Hawaii, and the path to it leads you down a narrow and steep road. It’s more than an hour’s hike, but the mile-long beach makes it worth it. The black volcanic sand is dazzling, and it is encompassed by black-green cliffs and thick rainforest. There are also a couple of waterfalls which come out of the cliffs, and make for the perfect view.
  10. El Castillo – This amazing beach in Mexico is really something special. Apart from the usual stuff that makes a beach great – clear water, lovely sand and lots of sun, here you can also enjoy taking a dip right under towering cliffs atop which sit the famous El Castillo ruins, which can be seen from the shore. This beach is perfect for people who love history and culture, but would still like to take some time and enjoy their vacation while relaxing.
  11. Fraser Island – Australia is well known as the location for numerous incredible beaches, but none is as famous and lovely as this one. Fraser Island is a World Heritage Site, and it is the largest sand island in the world. Its coloured beach is really something special. It can definitely compete with Whitehaven Beach and even the popular Great Barrier Reef.
  12. Lopes Mendes – Two miles of pristine and untouched natural beach? Of course! Just visit the Lopes Mendes Beach in Brazil. The water is really unbelievably clear, and many people come here again and again, never tiring of the perfection that it offers. The almond trees are abundant, and they are perfect for a quick nap between swims. It is well worth the three hour drive it takes to get there. Just make sure you bring your own food and snacks, since there are no shops or restaurants at the beach itself.

There you go! Our pick for the top 12 beaches which are definitely worth visiting. Each and every one is beautiful and enchanting, and it’s up to you to pick your favourite. When you do, all that’s left is to save up some money, and start planning your perfect vacation. So pack your bags and get going – make your perfect vacation come true!