Activities of Interest in Bulgaria

Claimed to be the oldest European country, Bulgaria is filled with a rich history and culture. The country has several exciting relics that can be enjoyed fully only when you visit the country. Bulgaria sports a diverse landscape that includes foothills, plains, rivers, valleys, plateaus, mountains, and basins.

Geographic splendor

Most part of the country is made of hilly terrain, while 30 percent is mountainous. In central Bulgaria, you find the Balkan Mountain range. The Iskar River flows on the western part from south to north forming a spectacular gorge of over 70 km long. To the south of the Balkans, you find the Srednogorie mountainous region and the Sofia valley, which houses the capital of the country- Sofia. The northern part of the mountain range has the Danube valley, which lies between the Danube River and the Balkan range.  North to this region is the Danube lowland area that occupies the Danube river terraces.

Activities to do

Tourists have plenty of attractions to see in this historic country. Apart from the historic places to visit, the country is also famous for its various activities that tourists can enjoy. The country boasts of the best bow hunting experience in Europe. With the proper bow hunting gear, you can have a splendid time in the mountains apart from hiking and trekking.

Water sports

The capital city, Sofia has a big pool for water sports and it has tennis courts and bike tracts for interested visitors. The capital also has theme parks that is complete with riddles, clues and puzzles filled quest games that bring on a great adrenaline rush.


Since the country if filled with natural splendor, it attracts birds all through the year. Bird watching therefore is a great way to spend your time here.


The various arts and crafts shops feature exquisitely made carpets, woodcarving, and several other exhibits, which are great for take home souvenirs.


You can find many fantastic wineries here including the Mitko Manolev winery, Chateau Euxinograde winery etc., The Bessa valley winery is famous for its Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Visitors are taken on a tasting tour and a tour of the facilities in the winery including the arched pergola and huge rotunda. The cellar walls made of limestone feature ancient sea creature fossils.


Bulgaria is one of the 14 European countries to allow bow hunting. You can have the best hunting experience with recurve bows such as the Martin Mamba available at You get several game species including wild boar, roebuck, red stag, fallow buck, wolf, fox, jackal, and chamois.

Guided Tours

You can also go on the guided tours arranged by the tourism department and private tour services. The communist tour is the most popular, as you get to glimpse the eastern part of Iron curtain. The Iron curtain, which existed for 45 years, is presented in a three hour walking tour where you are explained about the events that caused the erection of the wall and the consequences.

You also get the usual sightseeing tours here. Horse riding is another great attraction. You can view the attractions on horseback, which is a truly magical experience.