I know, a boring ‘About us’ page. Just another. But seriously, a lot of people want to know even just a smidge of the background about a site owner or team.

Me, its just me. Sanjay. I love going on holiday with my family and with my dog, Slug. Yes that is my dog’s name, because he is a pug. Slug the pug.

This is me with a younger Slug…

I just enjoy writing about cool places we’ve been together and had good times – or about places im planning – or even dreaming – of going.

I always ‘insist’ (ok I dont always get my way) that the villa has a private pool. Preferably a heated swimming pool. Because nothing beats an early morning swim in your own private pool, then a long walk with your dog.

So feel free to browse around and see if you can get even one little nugget of wisdom or advice or where to go, or how to plan for your dog friendly holiday in France with private pool.