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Imagine your family, together on the beach or around your own private pool – a private heatd swimming pool, maybe with a diving board to plunge in.

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Dog friendly holidays

Dog Friendly Holidays in France

Did you know that you can take your dog on holiday to France and beyond? Yes, it is possible, post Brexit.  Laze with your four legged friend by your private swimming pool at yoru pet friendly villas.

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Pet friendly holidays in France

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Our family holidays were fantastic. I got exactly the help I needed at the right time.  Totally worth it!


Previous guest

I so needed this break.  My kids could go and be kids and leave my good lady and I to finally relax.  Thank you!


Previous guest

I’d been planning this for ages, lining up the perfect holiday with our dogs. They sorted it all!


Previous guest

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Discover the Joys of Family and Dog-Friendly Holidays in France with Private Pool

Introduction to Family Holidays in France

France stands out as an enchanting destination that caters wonderfully to both families and their furry friends, for a great holiday villa with private pool. Known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and welcoming culture, France offers a unique blend of experiences that can be enjoyed by all ages and species.

Why France is a Top Destination for Families

From the sun-kissed Riviera to the rustic charm of Provence, France’s diverse regions offer safe and engaging environments for children. Museums like the Louvre in Paris not only foster an appreciation for the arts but also offer interactive programs that captivate the young mind.

The Appeal of Dog-Friendly Vacations

Traveling with pets is on the rise, and France’s welcoming attitude towards dogs in public spaces, parks, and some beaches makes it a prime destination for pet owners. This pet-friendly approach allows families to enjoy their vacations without leaving their beloved animals behind, staying at their own dog friendly villas.

Preparing for Your French Getaway

Getting ready for a trip to France requires careful planning, especially when it involves both kids and pets. Booking your pet friendly holiday home is just the start.  Make sure you have a heated swimming pool and games room (with table tennis, table football, pool table and other modern facilities) at your pet friendly villas. Preferably a large private pool with enclosed gardens, and a hot tub. .

Essential Travel Documents for Families and Pets

Ensure all family members, including your dog, have the necessary travel documents. For humans, this means passports and possibly visas. For dogs, a pet passport, vaccination records, and recent health certificates are a must, complying with the European Union regulations.

Packing Tips for a Stress-Free Journey

Packing effectively can ease the stress of travel. For children, include comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket. For pets, bring their usual food, a water bottle, and a portable bowl, along with their favorite toys to keep them calm during travel and getting to your dog friendly gites in France.

Choosing the Perfect Destination

France has a plethora of options that cater to the unique needs of every family and their pets. You will find fully renovated dog friendly villas that have a wine cave, maybe olive trees or fruit trees in the south of France or a hot tub.

Top Family-Friendly Cities in France

Cities like Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux offer countless activities and attractions that are suitable for children, such as parks, interactive museums, and child-friendly tours. These cities also provide ample opportunities for educational experiences blending fun and learning.

Best Dog-Friendly Spots in France

The French Alps and the beaches of the Atlantic coast are perfect for dogs that enjoy the outdoors. Many areas offer trails and parks where dogs can run freely, with some even providing dog-friendly beaches during certain times of the year (certain beaches are not pet friendly but give breathtaking views and the perfect place for a picnic a short drive away).

Accommodation Options for Families and Dogs

Choosing the right accommodation is critical to ensuring your holiday to the south of France goes smoothly. There are many a holiday villa with provate pools that have exposed stone walls and oak beams that the property owners have lovingly fully renovated, with stunning views, and just a short walk to the local pretty village. Air conditioning might help although sometimes air con isnt necessary due to thick stone walls.

Hotels vs. Holiday Rentals: What Suits Your Family?

Hotels may offer convenience and on-site amenities like dining and cleaning, but holiday rentals often provide more space and a homely environment that can be more comfortable for children and pets.

Features of Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Look for places that offer a welcome package for pets, including beds, bowls, and treats. Some accommodations also provide enclosed gardens or easy access to walking paths, making them ideal for pet owners. Also make sure that you have a private swimming pool that is enclosed for safety at your dog friendly villas in France.

Activities for Kids and Dogs in France

Engaging in activities that both your children and pets can enjoy together is key to a memorable holiday.

Outdoor Adventures for the Whole Family

Explore the vast countryside, visit farms where children can learn about local wildlife, or enjoy family bike rides through scenic routes that are safe and enjoyable for everyone, including your dog.

Pet-Friendly Attractions Across France

Many historical sites and parks are now accessible to pets, allowing you to enjoy sightseeing without having to leave your dog behind.